Estethics is not a discipline in vanity, it can only find an identity
through the spirit blown into it

Only the creations that are blessed with the "breath of soul" carry a unique quality.
If you look forward to create a building "with a soul",
you have to choose the divine but painful way and lay your soul between the bricks and stones.
Sacred House represents my deep belief in the divine character of strong feelings such as love, affection and passion.
Thus I tried to bless "The Sacred House" with a unique character, and ensure that it has the aura of a "divine hideaway",
a peacefull place that provides you a safe-house in between the non-ending clash of light and dark.
I aimed to create a building that triggers and supports the enlightenment of human soul.
I, therefore, perceive that it has been one of the most intriguing lives I have ever lived/led/experienced

Turan Gülcüoğlu

Thank you
Ece Gülcüoğlu
My Immortal Love, My Wife